COMPULEC-RWANDA is a limited company (ltd) established in 1984.


We are the only Authorized Ricoh Distributor in Rwanda,


We are selling all Ricoh brand products such as Ricoh copiers, Ricoh printers, projectors and other electronic Ricoh equipments.


We have also Spare parts and consumables for Ricoh equipments and other electronic equipments.
Maintenance and repair for electronic equipment is our specialization especially IT equipments.



  For each machine that we put on the market, our technicians are trained and this allows COMPULEC-RWANDA avail of consumables and spare parts for each machine and sold it for 5 years. COMPULEC-RWANDA has access to RICOH electronic technical support RICOH (with passwords), this allows us to access all technical manuals machines RICOH Brand. This allows the rapid detection of failures and repairs, updating of software operating systems of these machines and the upgrading.

Anyone who wants durable and best quality equipments from Europe can contact us.
You are all welcome.